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Treatments :: The Shiatsu Experience

Why Shiatsu?

Because it is helpful for so many people and for so many reasons. For example:

  • Helping to stay fit and healthy
  • Helping to boost your immunity 
  • Treatment for a large range of common ailments, including musculo-skeletal problems, poor sleep, anxiety, and other body system problems
  • Treatment for stress, fatigue and emotional issues
  • A space to chill out and have a relaxing and nourishing hour for yourself 


The Shiatsu Experience

The consultation includes a Lifestyle history, a medical history if relevant, a diagnosis of your Life-energy system , shiatsu treatment, and, lifestyle and health care recommendations.

Shiatsu makes sense of the different symptoms that defy rational explanation, and, sometimes, medical diagnosis. It can explain the common or related cause of apparently unrelated symptoms, and it can provide a treatment for the underlying cause.

For example, morning sluggishness, repeated colds or infections , tendency to constipation, and feeling overwhelmed, can derive from a single key deficiency in your life energy system which can be treated by shiatsu to inprove all the symptoms.

Shiatsu does this by diagnosing and treating the body’s energy circulation system which connects the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of health.

The treatment is given through the clothes by applying gentle pressure to the energy channels on the body surface.

Treatments are deeply relaxing, restoring and energising.

Treatment Benefits

  • Shiatsu provides the client with a map of their strong and weak health indicators.
  • Adjusts the balance of the system for better health.
  • Provides mindful stress management.
  • Treats a range of common ailments and chronic conditions
  • Negates health damaging habits and stimulates and supports lifestyle changes
  • Maintains good health and stimulates immunity

Treatments Are By Appointment Only.

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