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                        Shiatsu Proven to Improve Health.

Recent research carried out by the University of Leeds on behalf of the European Shiatsu Federation establishes that shiatsu treatment:

  • improves and maintains health and wellbeing;
  • is safe and effective;
  • helps specific health conditions;
  • and suggests a role for shiatsu in public health.

The study, carried out by Professor A.F. Long of the School of Healthcare, Leeds University took place in Austria, Spain and the UK in 2006 and 2007.
 948 clients participated in the study where their experience of shiatsu treatment and the effects of it were studied over a period of 6 months.

Research Results.
 The main benefits and effects of shiatsu reported by the research are:

  1. Increased relaxation and a sense of calm (95% of participants)
  2. Being more energised ( 71% of participants )
  3. Being better able to cope ( 71% of participants )
  4. 86% of participants report effectiveness in treating symptoms of:
  •  stress and tension,  
  •         problems with muscles and joints  including back pain   and posture    
  •  low energy and fatigue,  
  •         and others such as digestive problems, breathing problems, MS, etc

 Other Findings

  1. 79% of clients make positive lifestyle changes particularly to diet and exercise
  2. 18% reduced their  use of conventional medicine treatments
  3. 23% reduced their use of conventional medication
  4. 82% of participants report an overall improvement in, and ,confidence about health

The positive experiences and benefits reported in the study are consistent for the three countries. They are also maintained over time.

Further Information.

(1) The Executive Summary and the full report on the research are available from and at:

health systems evaluation

See Links page for Published articles.

(2) Seamus Connolly ESF Research Co-ordinator at:  00353 1 2962839




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