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DO IN :: Self Shiatsu Routine

Do In is an ancient oriental self energising exercise routine that is ideal for reviving flagging energy. The sequence takes 15 minutes to complete. If you practice it daily in the morning it will help you to build and sustain your optimum energy level.
1.Rub your hands together vigorously to activate your Ki flow.
2.Make a loose fist and tap your head in a counterclockwise direction with loose wrists.
3.Rub your forehead firmly with your palm.
4. Rub ears firmly, outwards, upwards, and downwards.
5. Cup your right hand over your right ear and tap rhythmically with index and middle finger of your left hand several times. Repeat with opposite hand for left ear.
6. Rub your face briskly, first cheeks, then nose.
7. Massage your gums, upper and lower.
8. Press both eyeballs deeply with index and middle fingers of both hands and release. Repeat 10 times.
9. Cup hands over both eyes and look up as far as possible and quickly look down Repeat 10 times.
10.Look from left to right as far as possible, repeating about 10 times. Rotate eyeballs clockwise and counterclockwise, about 10 times in each direction.
11.Rotate your neck. Firmly tap each side, and the back of your neck.
12. Pound your left shoulder with right hand, then right with left hand. 20 times each shoulder.
13. Pound arm in turn, down the inside and up the outside.
14. Hands: press between each bone towards the tip of the fingers. Rotate, pull and stretch each finger.
15.Pound your chest. Pound your abdomen ( not too strongly).
16. Bend forward and pound your lower back and kidney area. Stand straight and pound your buttocks.
17. Pound both legs top to bottom - front back and sides.
18.Feet: rotate, loosen and massage ankles. Press between the bones of the foot towards the toes. Press heel and along the sole of the foot with your thumbs. Rotate and pull each toe. Pound the sole of your foot.
19.Stand with your body relaxed and eyes closed. Jump lightly on both feet about 15 times. Jump 15 times on right foot only, then on the left foot. Then jump again on both feet.
20.Make a bow, with an empty mind.

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