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Learning To Take Control Of Your Health

Courses & Workshops

Courses are provided for: beginners, advanced students, professional skills programmes for profesional trainees, graduates,and practitioners, and special skills for other bodywork therapists, and private groups.

A Beginners class teaches you a whole body sequence that you can use with family and friends. You will also learn how to feel Ki ( life force ), in your own body and that of another person, basic Shiatsu theory, energy strengthening exercises, and the use of key acupoints to relieve everyday ailments.

One Day and Weekend Workshops are offered periodically. These introduce you to the spirit of Shiatsu, teach enlivening Ki exercises, basic techniques; and a full body treatment.

Workshops can be provided also for private groups.

Please see "Course Dates" for upcoming courses.

Advanced Courses

These are advanced courses for those who have already completed a Beginners Class or who have a particular aptitude for Shiatsu. They follow the syllabus for professional training and are scheduled in different formats to facilitate each study group.

Programmes for Professional trainees, graduates, practitioners and massage therapists are also available. Details of these programmes are available on request from

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