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Biog :: Seamus Connolly

Shiatsu Ireland is directed by Seamus Connolly B.A., R.P.S.S.I.(T.)


" I discovered Shiatsu in the late 1980's, at a time when the stresses of a job in industrial relations had worn down my body, mind and spirit. I knew I needed life enhancing direction.

Shiatsu offered me a quality of touch that was at once intimate, but non-invasive, and totally respectful. It provided a readily accessible map to understand the conditioned lifestyle response that had worn me out, but, even better, the understanding and tools to make affirmative choices about my health and my life.

I knew I was on the right track with the return of my sense of humour, a sense of flexibility and flow in my body, new energy, and the dawning realisation that I could take control of my life again.....

Having completed a professional training in 1990, I took up full-time practice in 1992. Since then I have studied with some of Europe’s leading teachers of the more subtle advances in shiatsu practise.

I am accredited to teach to Practitioner level. In addition, I practise the Hakomi method of body-centred psychotherapy.

I have been Chairperson and Secretary of the Shiatsu Society of Ireland for 6 terms. I have been President of the European Shiatsu Federation, the representative organisation for all the professional Shiatsu Associations in Europe for 6 years. Currently I am President of the European Federation for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

shiatsu healing

As well as seeing individual clients and teaching, I am directing a European-wide research project into the uses and benefits of Shiatsu, in collaboration with the University of Leeds.

It is my great privilege to assist in the unique healing process that the ancient art of Shiatsu offers."

Tel: 01 2962839 email
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