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Mindful health care for your mind and body in a relaxed and quiet space in the middle of Dublin city.

SHIATSU is the Japanese healing art that enhances wellbeing, can prevent illness, treat many common ailments and enhances mindfulness.


The most recent scientific research demonstrates that shiatsu can give:

  • Relief from many physical problems ( e.g. back, muscle and joint problems, digestive, respiratory, urinary and reproductive system problems etc. )
  • Mindful emotional and mental stress relief 
  • Creates a sense of harmony and wholeness in the body
  • Restores lost energy, and shows you how to use available energy better
  • Helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improves immunity.
  • A unique treatment for every person.

SHIATSU IRELAND:Leading provider of shiatsu treatments and courses in Dublin, Ireland since 1990. Also now at the Novara Centre in Bray (see Links)

Tel: 01 2962839 email
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